Why I made scuffed.ca

My name is Anthany Nickpour (yes Anthony with an “a”, “hey Tany” just doesn’t come off the tongue the same) and I am the founder of Scuffed.ca. I made Scuffed.ca as a marketplace specifically for Canadians to buy and sell shoes from each other. I realized one day while trying to buy shoes online that there was no specific platform to resell hype shoes, or even a space for people to buy and sell shoes from each other in Canada, other than Facebook, Grailed, Ebay, and Craigslist. I saw many flaws with each one of these, Facebook was not meant for buying and selling clothing so its interface isn’t the most accessible, easy to use, or relevant causing less people to use it and inevitably not being the best place to buy and sell shoes. Most of Grailed’s listings are American which leads to a more expensive dollar, currency exchange rates, higher shipping prices, fucking duty, duty kills me on like 70% of my purchases from the U.S, and lastly Grailed’s ridiculous 9% fee for selling on their webstite. Not to mention the fact that Grailed is not a place specifically for footwear, so its market is not at its full potential. Ebay has many of the problems that Grailed does. And Craigslist is…. Craigslist.

Scuffed.ca Is free to use

Scuffed.ca is absolutely free to use. The only time you will pay for transactions is if you want to be covered by our money back guarantee which is covered through PayPal, to which the seller will be charged 2.9% of the purchase price + $0.30 for any transactions. PayPal charges this for their service of covering payment disputes, and can be well worth the price in many situations. Though I make no money off this charge so honestly it is not in my best interest to push anyone to use it. I fully encourage people to meet in person to buy their shoes off a local listing if possible, this way you have an added level of security in being able to see what you are buying in person before actually paying for it, not to mention no shipping costs, post office hassle, etc.

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