Why Scuphed Was Created

Scuphed was made to be a marketplace specifically to buy and sell footwear. We realized one day while trying to purchase shoes online that there was no platform specifically for people to buy and sell shoes in a marketplace fashion.  The only real options to buy and sell shoes online this way were Grailed, Facebook, eBay, and Craigslist. We saw many flaws with each one of these:
Grailed not being a shoe specific marketplace website makes its footwear listing potential fall short, coupled with no filter to ensure sellers are legitimate, and a very pricey 9% fee makes it less than ideal for people looking to buy and sell footwear.
Facebook was not meant for buying and selling at all so its interface is not the most accessible, easy to use, or relevant, causing fewer people to use it and inevitably not being the best place to buy and sell shoes.
eBay has many of the problems that Grailed does.
And Craigslist is…. Craigslist.

Scuphed takes no commission

The only time you are charged anything for using Scuphed is for transactions covered by our money-back guarantee, to which the seller will be charged 2.9% of the purchase price + $0.30 for any transactions. This is Stripe’s charge for its business services. Scuphed makes no money on this charge, and other than this Stripe fee Scuphed is absolutely free to use.

What We consider “hype” and “general” footwear

On Scuphed we categorize footwear in two ways; “Hype” and “General”. Hype footwear is footwear that:
-Has a reputation for reselling for more than its original retail price
-Is known as a luxury brand
-Is often faked
General footwear is anything that does not fall under Hype. The occasional anomaly may be found, for example Common Projects and Comme Des Garcons footwear can be found in General listings. This is because although these brands are known as luxury brands, they often do not resell well and they are not often faked. Because of this we feel no need to filter sellers of these products, and putting them in with Hype would unnecessarily limit users from selling them.