Vendors Guide To Selling And Shipping

Becoming A seller

Anyone can become a “General” seller on Scuphed, but to sell “Hype” shoes you must prove you are here to sell legitimate products as we have a zero-tolerance policy for fake footwear. To prove yourself you must either:
-Send us a message on Instagram @scuphed_ or Facebook @scuphed using your hype footwear social media account so that we can verify you.
-Send detailed photos of 3 legitimate pairs of hype sneakers you plan to sell to the email: [email protected] so that we can be sure you are serious about selling legitimate footwear. Each pair of sneakers should be its own email and include at least 7 high-quality photos of every angle of the shoes (Front, left side, right side, backside, top, bottoms, size tag). As well as (optionally but recommended if possible) a picture of the shoe box, the box label, and proof of purchase such as a receipt.
Please note, any behaviour that goes against our terms and conditions, especially the selling of fake goods will result in an investigation and could be grounds for a permanent ban (not to mention that buyers who are confirmed to have been sold fake items are eligible for a 100% refund).

Vendors Guide To selling And Shipping

On Scuphed we like to think of all our sellers as businesses, whether you sell one hundred pairs of shoes a year, or one. Because of this we offer all our sellers (we call them vendors) a vendor dashboard where you can see the orders for your products, your sales reports, edit your business profile, and list shoes. Here is a rundown of the vendor dashboard and how to post shoe listings using it:

On the account page when you are signed in and have signed up to be a vendor there will be a button labeled “Vendor Dashboard”, click this button and you will be taken to your personal vendor dashboard.

Your personal vendor dashboard is where you will be able to see your orders, sales reports, media image files (uploaded photos of your shoes), add listings to sell shoes as well as see and edit all your listed products, edit your store settings, ask vendor support questions, or edit your profile.